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Free Reading Worksheets for Beginning Readers

Use these free reading worksheets to help you get involved with your child’s education. Worksheets are one of many tools available that can help you teach your kids to read. Make it a fun time and personalize the sheets to your child’s interests.

  • Does your kid like to color and use bold colors? Find colored pencils and pens to make using these worksheets more fun.

  • Does your child’s confidence need boosting? Hang up some of the worksheets in a prominent place in your home.

  • Does your child thrive when you spend quality time together? Do the worksheets together.
  • Is your child a "hands on" learner? Words alone don't teach. It's always more effective for your kids to actually dig in and practice what you are teaching. These worksheets are a great way to practice the lessons they are learning.

As a parent, you know your children better than anyone. Exposing your kids to a wide variety of learning tools will help you determine which methods are most effective in helping them learn better.

Worksheets are a great learning tool, but make sure to keep learning sessions short and fun so your kids will always look forward to learning. Using the reading worksheets should never seem like a chore.

Reading worksheets can be fun as well as educational. Here are some free reading worksheets to help your beginning readers. You can use these or create your own.

Click on the links below to download or print your worksheets.


Alphabet Worksheets

alphabet worksheet

Practice the writing the different letters of the alphabet in both lower and upper case.

Learn the vowels and all the sounds they make

 vowel worksheets

Identify all the different vowel sounds. This one is fun and challenging for your beginning readers.

Find the Letter

alphabet worksheet

Learn to recognize all the letters of the alphabet. Be a detective and find each letter.

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