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Computer Reading Programs are a Fun, Fast, and Easy Way to Get your kids to Excel in Reading

Incorporating computer reading programs into your bag of tricks can give your kids an edge and provide the breakthrough you’ve been looking for to get your kids to love reading and learning.

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Most kids today need more stimulus and different methods to learn reading than many of us adults did way back when. They just seem to be born with that computer know-how so why not use it to their advantage?

Take their love of computers and games and use it to get them to learn to read in a fun and easy way.

So, how do you find the best computer reading programs for your kids? First you have to identify what outcome you are looking for and determine if the kids reading programs you are considering target your child's needs.

Is your child:

  • a struggling reader?
  • an advanced reader?
  • a disinterested or reluctant reader?
  • a reader with learning disabilities?
  • a reader with a particular learning style?
  • someone who just wants an extra edge in school or someone who needs intense help to catch up?

Make sure online reading programs are geared toward your child’s needs.

No matter what your child's needs, the most important thing is to make sure that the reading websites for kids meet these critical features:

  • Targets the right age and skill level for your child
  • Is interactive so your kids don’t get bored or lose interest
  • Must have simple to follow instructions
  • Provides a multi-sensory learning approach so kids with all different learning styles can excel
  • Builds on one skill set before advancing to the next
  • Offers a safe internet environment where kids are not asked for any personal information
  • Must be fun and captivating for your kids or you are throwing your money away

Here are reviews of some of our favorite computer reading programs - Don't forget to tell us about your favorite!

Whether you are looking to help your struggling reader find a breakthrough or you are looking to give your advanced reader an avenue to excel further, good kids reading programs provide the tools that will make them fall in love with reading and learning – and that’s the key to success.

What is your favorite online reading program for kids?

Have you found a great program that has helped your kids learn to read?

Tell us what you liked (or didn't like) about it to help others who have similar issues.

You can also comment on other visitors' reviews and tell about your experiences to help other parents and teachers.

Check out these reviews:

Click below to see reviews of popular reading programs and please chime in with your own suggestions, opinions or comments.

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