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by Teaching Reading FUNdamentals

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What is it? methods are research-based and modeled on National Institute of Child Health and Human Development recommendations. They provide online as well as off-line help to teach your children early language and literacy skills.

Who is it for?

-Kids from preschool to 2nd grade
-Special education kids
-ESL students
-All children needing extra reading support

Why we like it:

  • Much of the Starfall reading material is free. You can have access to much of what Starfall offers for free online or you can pay to print out the material so you can read any time, any where. Many products can be purchased and are reasonably priced (phonics books, games, puzzles, kits, CD-ROMs), but you can find many free activities as well.

  • It's easy - you won't have any complicated instructions. Just find the right level of learning your child needs.

  • It uses a systematic, sequential approach to learning phonics, so your kids learn to master one phonics lesson before moving on to the next.

  • Your children can work independently online or you can read together offline, there is plenty of opportunity for you to be involved as your kids learn to read.

  • It uses a variety of ways to get your kids to learn so they stay interested – puzzles, plays, games, stories

What they will learn?

  • Beginning readers start with Starfall ABCs and ABC Practice Pages to learn the alphabet and the sounds the letters make.

  • The Learn to Read program teaches one vowel sound at a time

  • It's Fun to Read helps your child develop vocabulary and reading comprehension

  • I'm Reading improves reading fluency

  • Level II Reading and Writing Journal enhances creative writing skills

Overall Review: is a public service that teaches children to read with phonics using interactive methods that sparks children's imagination and interest. The site is kid-friendly and easy to use. This award winning site is a great place to start teaching your young children how to read.

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